Rates and Travel
Chubritza is available for both local and out-of-town gigs with rates set according to the requirements of the event. For locations beyond the towns of Trinidad, California, to the north or Fortuna, California to the south, we request some mileage compensation appropriate to the distance traveled. Chubritza collaborates with dance leaders who can be available to lead or teach dancing at your event.

In smaller venues, Chubritza usually plays acoustically (unamplified), and for medium-sized venues, we can bring a battery-operated sound system that can be set up in any location, including in the center of the dance floor. For large events, we generally assume the event producer will arrange for a sound engineer and amplification. Chubritza can recommend or help to hire some quality sound people, if needed.

Chubritza can perform in folkloric clothing (see the photo on the home page) or we can wear regular street clothes. Please let us know what you would prefer to fit with your event.